Waiheke Heat Pumps

Black Diamond LN Series

The Black Diamond Series sets the new standard in personalised comfort and style. Available in three reflective colours, the range is packed with advanced features including Plasma Quad Plus Filtration ideal for allergy sufferers, the 3D i-See Sensor for customised heating or cooling and Wi-Fi Control is built-in!

























Reflect Your Design Personality

Featuring a striking flat panel design, the Black Diamond Series is available in three unique reflective colour finishes – White Diamond, Red Diamond and Black Diamond, that change depending on the light in the room.

Now you can make a real interior design style statement with your heat pump colour choice.

HyperCore as Standard*

The Black Diamond Series 2.5–5kW capacities come standard with HyperCore Technology.

While ordinary heat pumps produce less heat below 7°C, Mitsubishi Electric HyperCore Technology guarantees to continue to deliver its full rated heating capacity right down to -15°C, so you stay warm when you need it most.


* The Black Diamond Series LN60 does not feature HyperCore Technology.

3D i-See Sensor

The 3D i-See Sensor detects the presence and position of people in the room using thermal heat recognition, adjusting the temperature and airflow pattern for optimal comfort. This helps the Black Diamond Series do more than simply save energy, it also enables a new level of truly personalised comfort to be achieved.


Thermal Scan Technology

The 3D i-See Sensor continually takes a thermal scan of the room, dividing it into 752 three-dimensional zones and measuring the temperature in each zone to detect exactly where people are in a room.

Independently Controlled Dual Split Vane Airflow

Intuitively Adjusts the Airflow Direction to Where it’s Needed

The 3D i-See Sensor works in conjunction with the Dual Split Vanes to provide heating or cooling to where it is needed most. As a result, it can save energy by not heating or cooling areas that don’t require it. Whether you prefer direct, indirect or evenly distributed airflow, the 3D i-See Sensor and Dual Split Vanes provide the ultimate in customisable airflow.

You'll Never Feel Cold

The 3D i-See Sensor can recognise movement of an individual in a room and subsequently direct the airflow with the Dual Split Vanes; so they continue feeling warm no matter where they have moved to in the room.

Comfort for All With Multiple Airflow Directions

The 3D i-See Sensor can identify multiple people present in the room and adjust the Dual Split Vanes to direct heating or cooling evenly throughout; so everybody feels comfortable in the room.

Only one occupant feels direct heat. With Split Vane both occupants feel direct heat.

Even Airflow – Airflow Only Where You Need It

With Even Airflow Mode, the 3D i-See Sensor memorises people’s movements and furniture positions, efficiently distributing airflow only to where it is needed.





I see sensor







752 three-dimensional zones



I see sensor LN9




Energy Saving No Occupancy Modes

The 3D i-See Sensor detects whether or not there are people in the room, and automatically switches to one of the No Occupancy Modes, as set by the user.


In No Occupancy Energy Saving Mode when no one is in the room, the unit automatically reduces power consumption by approximately 10% after 10 minutes, and 20% after 60 minutes. In No Occupancy Auto-Off Mode, when no one is in the room, the unit turns off automatically.

Advanced Plasma Quad Plus Filtration

The new advanced Plasma Quad Plus Filtration System, featuring high-performance two stage plasma technology, filters the air to clean away smells, dust, moulds and other common household allergens.

The Two Stage Plasma Quad Plus Filter works like an electrical curtain, using an electrical discharge to catch and neutralise even microscopically small particles in the air. In fact, it can even capture PM2.5 particles (which are up to 30 times smaller than the width of a human hair!).


Independent test results confirm that the Plasma Quad Filtration System achieves extremely high reduction results in the removal of allergen, mould, bacteria and airborne contaminants in the room, providing the ultimate in peace of mind and ensuring a healthier and cleaner living environment.

Superior Energy Efficiency

Black Diamond Series Heat Pumps are some of the most energy efficient heat pumps available in New Zealand.

This high energy efficiency is achieved by incorporating a large, high-density heat exchanger, an advanced high-efficiency fan motor and a next-generation compressor using the latest in super efficient R32 refrigerant.

Dual Barrier Coating Maximises Efficient Performance

The patented and world’s first Dual Barrier Coating from Mitsubishi Electric prevents dust and dirt from accumulating on the inner surface of the indoor unit; keeping your heat pump clean year-round.

Keeping key internal components like the heat exchanger, fan and internal duct clean is important for both home comfort and efficiency. Not only does dust and dirt build-up typically create unpleasant odours, it also forces a heat pump to work harder, which can result in significantly impaired energy efficiency.

Dual Barrier Coating prevents dust and oil build-up on the interior of the heat pump for the ultimate in peace of mind, ease and comfort.

More Environmentally Friendly R32 Refrigerant

With a global warming potential that is 30% lower compared to older refrigerants such as R410A, next-generation R32 refrigerant has a much lower environmental impact. Furthermore, zero ozone depleting R32 is easier to reuse and recycle.

Blue Fin Coating – Built to Withstand the Elements

The heat exchanger of the outdoor unit has been treated with blue fin anticorrosion treatment, slowing the corrosion process caused by salt and sulphur in the air especially in coastal and high sulphur areas.

Quiet Operation

Designer Series indoor units feature Silent Mode – a fan speed setting that provides quiet operation as low as 19dBA* so you will feel the warmth, not hear it.

7-Day Programmable Controller

All Designer Series Heat Pumps feature a built-in weekly timer, allowing you to program up to four time and temperature settings for each day of the week. You can now return to comfort without having to manually adjust the temperature. Perfect for anyone with a busy lifestyle, the 7-Day Controller is a great way to regulate your energy usage without compromising on comfort.

Wi-Fi Control Built-in! Never Return to a Cold Home Again

With built-in Wi-Fi Control you can pre-heat or cool a room no matter where you are. On the way home, running late, coming home early, or even when you're in a different country, with Wi-Fi Control you'll always arrive home to total comfort.

Wi-Fi Control is Amazon Alexa and Google Home enabled so you can take your comfort to the next level and enjoy hands-free heat pump control.


* LN 25/35 indoor sound level on the lowest fan setting.





Dimensions (mm): 890W x 233D x 307H

Heating Capacity: 3.2 kW | Cooling Capacity: 2.5 kW

Heating Capacity: 4.0 kW | Cooling Capacity: 3.5 kW

Heating Capacity: 6.0 kW | Cooling Capacity: 5.0 kW

Heating Capacity: 6.8 kW | Cooling Capacity: 6.1 kW