Waiheke Heat Pumps

Guaranteed Heating, Even on the Coldest Days

Did you know ordinary heat pumps start to produce less heat below 7°C?

The reduction in heat output is especially noticeable when the temperature drops below zero. This is because at these low temperatures ordinary heat pumps can really struggle to cope.















Guaranteed Full Rated Heating Capacity

Mitsubishi Electric HyperCore Technology is specifically designed to ensure its full rated capacity is produced, on all those cold frosty days. In fact, we guarantee this right down to -15°C! It’s our promise that no matter where you live, if you experience frosty winter days, it will give you peace of mind that you will get all the heat you paid for whilst feeling the warmth when it matters most.


As the graph (above) shows, even though both heat pumps are rated to provide 6kW of heat, their performance differs greatly as the temperature drops. While the standard heat pump produces less heat, the HyperCore LN50 model continues to deliver the full 6kW you paid for. The result? Your room heats up fast and stays warm when you need it most.

Advanced Defrost Logic

When temperatures drop below zero degrees, ice will build up on the outdoor unit of any heat pump. How the heat pump reacts to this determines how effective it will be in providing heat to your home. To remove the ice build-up the heat pump will need to go into Defrost Mode. During this time the heat pump will not be delivering heat into your home. HyperCore’s Defrost Logic has been fine-tuned to extend the period in-between defrost periods and optimise its heating performance.