Waiheke Heat Pumps

SLZ Series

Compact and ultra quiet, our range of ceiling cassette heat pumps are equipped with 4-way airflow and cutting edge control. They offer you the flexibility to keep your wall and floor space free without compromising on your comfort.
























Stylish, Slimline Design

With an inconspicuous look that blends seamlessly into any room, the SLZ Series pure white colour and compact, linear design is ideal for discreet heating and cooling. A recipient of the Good Design Award, the new SLZ Series fits into narrow ceiling spaces with a height of only 245mm.

3D i-See Sensor

The 3D i-See Sensor works to detect the floor temperature and how many people are present in the room; automatically switching to the optimal operating mode based on this information.


With a total of eight sensors, which rotate a full 360° in three-minute intervals, the 3D i-See Sensor is able to detect people’s positions within the room to provide direct or indirect airflow, as preferred.

When the 3D i-See Sensor detects that the room is unoccupied, it switches to Energy-Saving Mode or Auto-Off, as set by user.

Horizontal Airflow

Using 4-way vane outlets, the SLZ Series eliminates uncomfortable draughts and provides improved airflow control with six different discharge angles. The air discharge channels provide a lateral airflow advantage; ensuring users are not susceptible to airflow and air is discharged evenly across the entire space.

Low Noise Levels

The patented 3D turbo fan with two-stage blade structure ensures low noise operation, for a quieter comfortable environment. Starting from a hushed 25dBA*, the SLZ Series offers whisper quiet operation.



*SLZ-M25/35 indoor sound level on lowest fan setting.

Fresh Air Intake

A duct opening is provided in the main body making it possible to bring fresh air in directly, where it can then be heated to provide clean, refreshing comfort.

Long Life Air Cleaning Filter

A built-in filter removes dust and contaminants keeping air purified and deodorised. The washable, long-life filter can be used for up to 2,500 hours with simple maintenance.

More Environmentally Friendly R32 Refrigerant

With a global warming potential that is 30% lower compared to older refrigerants such as R410A, next-generation R32 refrigerant has a much lower environmental impact. Furthermore, zero ozone depleting R32 is easier to reuse and recycle.

Easy Installation

The SLZ Series comes equipped with a temporary suspension hook-on grille; improving efficiency during installation. Installation is also possible without removing screws for the corner panel and control box, enabling rapid and safe installation by a single person.

7-Day Programmable Controller

The handheld or wall mounted controller feature a built-in weekly timer, allowing you to program up to four time and temperature settings for each day of the week. You can now return to comfort without having to manually adjust the temperature. Perfect for anyone with a busy lifestyle, the 7-Day Controller is a great way to regulate your energy usage without compromising on comfort.

Optional Wi-Fi Control! Never Return to a Cold Home Again

With optional Wi-Fi Control you can pre-heat or cool a room no matter where you are. On the way home, running late, coming home early, or even when you're in a different country, with Wi-Fi Control you'll always arrive home to total comfort.

And because our Wi-Fi Control is now also Amazon Alexa and Google Home enabled, you can take your comfort to the next level and enjoy hands-free heat pump control.

You can find out more about Wi-Fi here and Voice Control here.




Unit Dimensions (WxDxH): 570 x 570 x 245mm
Panel Dimensions (WxDxH): 625 x 625 x 10mm

Heating Capacity: 3.0 kW | Cooling Capacity: 2.5 kW

Heating Capacity: 4.0 kW | Cooling Capacity: 3.5 kW

Heating Capacity: 5.0 kW | Cooling Capacity: 5.0 kW

Heating Capacity: 6.0 kW | Cooling Capacity: 5.6 kW